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Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems operate much as their name suggests.

They are designed specifically for a property, and actively ventilate the building, using the heat from the outgoing air to warm the incoming air from outside. This process can be up to 95% efficient, and can vastly reduce heating bills.

In a typical new-build property, heat loss due to ventilation is around a third of the total heat used to warm the building. By installing a well-designed system this heat loss can be radically reduced, in turn lowering the cost of running a new home.

As building standards have increased over time, so has the air-tightness of properties. Whereas older properties could be draughty and poorly insulated, stringent building regulations governing insulation levels and energy efficiency mean that few new-build houses are able to be ventilated passively, which can lead to serious problems with mould, damp, and the house feeling generally “stuffy”. An MVHR system eliminates these issues, by inconspicuously cycling air from the property with the outside via a network of ducts, usually run in roof-spaces or in floors, connected to small vents in ceilings or walls to allow air to circulate.

MVHR units require very little maintenance beyond occasional cleaning of the filters, and a properly designed system will generally go unnoticed in a property; the greatest compliment such a system can be paid. Although MVHR units circulate air within the buildings they are programmed according to each individual room’s volume and purpose, meaning that a single system can regulate air-flow in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, requiring a greater rate of air change as well as bedroom and living areas, while avoiding inducing draughts and cold spots (we all dread the bathroom extractor fan cooling the room in Winter!).

Navitas as able to design, supply and install MVHR systems tailored to any property. We work with a range of manufacturers to provide a comprehensive service, ensuring that we are able to offer the right MVHR solution to match your budget and suit your home.

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Looking for the complete package?

Navitas can provide you with a complete beginning-to-end service:

  1. Advice on reducing energy use and specification of the correct system for you.
  2. Full system design and regulatory applications.
  3. Ground and general building works.
  4. Plumbing and heating installations.
  5. Applications for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) if applicable.
  6. On-going servicing and maintenance, and sourcing of fuel supply.

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