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Biomass is sustainable fuel, sourced from material that was once living. Wood, grains, grasses and even waste materials can be processed into biomass fuel.

In the context of renewable heating, biomass fuel is most commonly supplied in the form of wood pellets, wood chip and logs.

Biomass is a carbon-neutral fuel, meaning that the amount of carbon released when it is burnt is equal to the carbon absorbed by the plant during its lifetime. As such, no additional carbon is added to the atmosphere by burning biomass. This is in contrast with fossil fuels, which when burnt, release carbon which had previously been locked underground from millennia.

All biomass fuels should be bought from a supplier on the Biomass Suppliers List. This guarantees that the fuel has been sourced responsibly and satisfies Ofgem’s sustainability requirements for systems wishing to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Please note we offer annual service and cleaning contracts for all our installations.

Why biomass?

  • Carbon neutral
  • Only viable non-fossil fuel heating system. Heat pumps are the only real alternative and better suited to new-build with under-floor heating (not really non-fossil fuel)
  • Economic incentive to manage woodland, improving biodiversity
  • Lower levels of atmospheric pollutants such as sulphur dioxide.

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Looking for the complete package?

Navitas can provide you with a complete beginning-to-end service:

  1. Advice on reducing energy use and specification of the correct system for you.
  2. Full system design and regulatory applications.
  3. Ground and general building works.
  4. Plumbing and heating installations.
  5. Applications for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) if applicable.
  6. On-going servicing and maintenance, and sourcing of fuel supply.

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