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Log Systems

Logs are the least processed form of biomass, and as such many landowners choose log-burning boilers in order to utilise their own wood supply with minimal processing requirements.

Log boilers are batch-burning devices, meaning that they are manually loaded once and the fuel burned in order to generate heat, as opposed to automatically firing pellet or chip systems. As the energy from log fuel is released in one burst, log-gasification boilers always require a large buffer tank, to store the heat produced until it is required.

To maximise efficiency and system performance, it is recommended to burn seasoned logs, with a moisture content below 25%. This helps to reduce tar build-up inside the flue, maintain cleaner combustion and ensure the energy released from the fuel is used for heating your property, rather than drying the logs.

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Looking for the complete package?

Navitas can provide you with a complete beginning-to-end service:

  1. Advice on reducing energy use and specification of the correct system for you.
  2. Full system design and regulatory applications.
  3. Ground and general building works.
  4. Plumbing and heating installations.
  5. Applications for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) if applicable.
  6. On-going servicing and maintenance, and sourcing of fuel supply.

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