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Solar Thermal Panels quite literally provide free hot water, and can provide between 50-70% of a property’s annual hot water demand.

Sitting on your roof, the solar thermal panels work separately from a photovoltaic system, which generates electricity. An antifreeze mixture is pumped between the panels and your hot water cylinder; this brine is warmed by the sun as it passes through the panels, and transfers the heat into your hot water cylinder on its return. As the solar thermal runs through a separate coil in the cylinder, a solar thermal can be used with any other heat source to reduce your energy bills; when the sun is shining the solar thermal is capable of bringing your cylinder up to temperature on its own, whilst on overcast days when the solar gain is reduced, a heat-pump, gas, oil or biomass boiler can “top-up” the temperature, ensuring that there will always be adequate hot water.

Solar thermal panels can be used in conjunction with hot-tubs, swimming pools and other applications requiring higher-than-average hot water usage to bring down running costs, as well as domestic properties.

  • Eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (Link to RHI page)
  • Can provide 50-70% of annual hot water demand
  • Can be installed alongside any other heating technology to reduce energy bills.

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Looking for the complete package?

Navitas can provide you with a complete beginning-to-end service:

  1. Advice on reducing energy use and specification of the correct system for you.
  2. Full system design and regulatory applications.
  3. Ground and general building works.
  4. Plumbing and heating installations.
  5. Applications for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) if applicable.
  6. On-going servicing and maintenance, and sourcing of fuel supply.

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